Brands / July 2019
Why THC Is as Important as CBD in Your Skincare
The lack of information on THC and dozens of other healthy cannabinoids (THCA, THCVA, CBN, CBDV, etc.) may lead you to think that CBD is the only skin-friendly cannabinoid. While CBD has many benefits, it is only part of the story, and you are really missing out on a valuable tool if you leave THC out of your skincare regimen.
Brands / December 2018
Micromist Tincture Sublingual Sprays
Looking for a new way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis? Cannabis micromist sprays may be the ideal route for you. Perhaps you are concerned about the effects of smoking on your long-term lung health, or maybe you want a more consistent alternative to poorly characterized edible products you’ve tried in the past.
Brands / December 2018
Cannabis Topicals for Muscle Soreness
Muscle soreness affects us all. No one is immune. Whether you’ve had an exhilarating run, been out weeding in the garden, or are simply done in by a long day at work, sore muscles are certainly among the worst rewards.
Brands / April 2018
Customizing Level Tablinguals
Cannabis is a journey of discovery between a person and the bountiful health potential of the plant. This journey should be enjoyable, safe, educational, and empowering. In order to facilitate this journey, Level has created a toolkit that allows an individual to customize their experience.
Brands / September 2017
Eel River Dry Farming
Tucked away in the hills of Humboldt County, Eel River’s Farm is graced with the presence of the mighty Eel River along the iconic Avenue of the Giants. We sat down with their team to find out more about this unique farm and their sustainable dry farming practices.