Sophisticated, health-centric medicine.

We put this whole thing together in hopes of providing the medicine and experiences we want for ourselves. Instead of mass produced products, we’re offering a refined, health-centric approach and artisan-crafted products grown with intention and qualified in their purity, potency and impact.

If the Founder Institute or 100-point winemakers are your thing, we’ll probably have more than just herbal medicine to talk about. We both have letters after our names, march to our own drum, and enjoy the finer things in life including great art, soulful music and discussions on metaphysics.

We’ve come out of the cannabis closet and are hell bent on helping others do the same. We believe in the therapeutic benefits of this incredible plant, and believe that by offering a more refined experience we can foster greater acceptance and innovation in this industry, and ultimately enhance the health, pleasure and well-being of our members and community.